EARN TRUST- By Changing Selling Into Helping: Practical Tips for Client Development & Networking

Earn Trust By Changing Selling Into Helping

Practical Tips for Client Development & Networking

Foreword by Steven I. Butler, CFE

Book Overview

Earn Trust By Changing Selling Into Helping is a business book that shares practical tips for business development and networking. These tips are observations that have been learned through years of business consulting experience and are presented in a story format through discussions and interactions among a small group of characters. This guide provides insight into ways to help each other and earn the trust of our customers and clients.

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Excerpts from Earn Trust

  • 1“When you listen–as I’ve learned through the experience I just mentioned–and ask the right questions, the client or prospect feels your focus is on helping them, not selling them, and they remember it.”
  • 2“You never know where the sharing of common interests may take you and your relationship with a client.”
  • 3“One way to view this is that when a friend asks for help, you’re going to try to help them, and providing services is just another way to help them even though it is business-oriented.”
  • 4“Remaining top of mind with your clients is one of the most critical parts of keeping your client relationship healthy and increases the potential for recurring work with the client.”

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James W. Barratt

James W. “Jim” Barratt is a business professional with over 30 years of professional services industry experience. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has provided services to clients around the world in the areas of auditing, consulting, and government service. Jim has worked in many countries and has presented on a variety of issues at various conferences, webcasts, and live training.
Steven I. Butler, CFE, Owner, Brittany Consulting, LLC
Steven I. Butler, CFE, Owner, Brittany Consulting, LLC
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“This book is written in a style that makes it more of a conversation than a textbook; as you read the book, you will be mentored, not lectured.”
James Pachucki, PMP, Small Business Strategist
James Pachucki, PMP, Small Business Strategist
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“The book does a great job of formatting stories as if you were there in the client’s shoes. Great recaps at the end of the chapter and an overall fantastic book for those who understand the importance of relationship building.”
Quinta Attangeur, Entrepreneur
Quinta Attangeur, Entrepreneur
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“ Every entrepreneur needs the information in this book. Amazing, extremely detailed and very easy read. So much knowledge you can otherwise only acquire through experience and trust me, learning through experience can be extremely costly.”
Margery Leveen Sher  Author/Speaker
Margery Leveen Sher Author/Speaker
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“...your book is great! So many good tips, well-organized, and easy reading. Congrats!”

” The glue that holds all relationships together…is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” – Brian Tracey