Excerpts from Earn Trust

  • 1“When you listen–as I’ve learned through the experience I just mentioned–and ask the right questions, the client or prospect feels your focus is on helping them, not selling them, and they remember it.”
  • 2“You never know where the sharing of common interests may take you and your relationship with a client.”
  • 3“One way to view this is that when a friend asks for help, you’re going to try to help them, and providing services is just another way to help them even though it is business-oriented.”
  • 4“Remaining top of mind with your clients is one of the most critical parts of keeping your client relationship healthy and increases the potential for recurring work with the client.”
  • 5“However, when you enjoy helping your clients to succeed, then taking time to maintain the connection can be a positive and upbeat activity for you.”
  • 6“A broad network will serve you well as you can become a connector of people and develop connections with people who may introduce you to other people who may be potential clients.”
  • 7“If you will work to view client development activities as a means of helping people and not something to fear, then you can confidently grow into a successful business developer.”
  • 8“When you become truly inspired to help your clients and are genuinely invested in their success, that is when you earn their trust. Once you have earned that trust, you have created value for yourself and your clients.”